This October 2019 we will host the first ever Bike Shed Festival – a long-awaited, and much-requested event that celebrates motorcycles on the move; on track and on the dirt, with the same level of quality, inclusiveness and high-level hospitality as we deliver every year at Tobacco Dock during our Bike Shed London event.

Last year we tested the idea with the Cafe Racer Cup, over a single day, and it was a fantastic event, but everyone wanted more. Including us.

For 2019 the event will take place over a whole weekend, with multiple riding events on and off the tarmac, all designed to be accessible to riders who don’t normally ride on track never mind considering racing their bikes. This is a chance to have fast, safe fun on your bike without the pressure of a full-on track-day, where the racing is about having fun before earning podium glory.

Along side the track riding and racing, the Malle London team will be hosting racing on the grassy hill beside the track, so you can also scramble up the hill with the Malle Trials.

Around the whole event we’re creating a festival vibe with high quality food, drink and accommodation, kids activities backed by brand and retail exhibitors, plus entertainment aimed at a family-friendly crowd.

Racers and spectators can camp on Friday and Saturday night with your own pitch (the main racing event are Saturday and Sunday), or we can set you up with our luxury Bell Tents, at affordable prices.


We chose Lydden Hill for our annual festival because the track is beautifully located, well maintained, easy to learn, and gives spectators great views from pretty much anywhere and there’s loads of room to lay on great entertainment and hospitality. There are new toilets, marquees, food vendor spaces and a modern control tower. It’s also very easy to get to from London, just 90 minutes down the A2 from the Blackwall Tunnel, in a car – and faster on a bike. It’s also good for any European spectators or racers to get to.